PF detail from Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Beach Scene, Guernsey (Children by the Sea in Guernsey) - 1883;


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Kevin Heaton currently lives in South Carolina, formerly from Oklahoma where he published Country Music. His interests are: scuba, distance running and being a grandpa. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in: Foliate Oak, Nerve Cowboy, Pembroke Magazine, Little Balkans Review, Calliope Nerve, Kansas Poems, Elimae, MB Herald, Sacred Journey, WestWard Quarterly, and Grey Sparrow Journal.

Euchee Princess | Shark's Teeth


Euchee Princess
Autumns gold was on the land
and The People were at peace.
In a season of new beginnings,
the Great Spirit Father touched
a maiden's brow and she brought
forth a glad song; a child for whom
the four winds would cast care
to far corners, led by a newborn
fawn through grasses tall and free.
Bliss on blossoms of Indian
Paintbrushed valleys speckled red
and yellow. Olive-skinned
native gemstone wisp of restless
wind: Vision Power with deep
burnt umber eyes, kisses
of honeycomb, prick of the rose,
sweet breath on cheeks of aging.

Shark's Teeth
Briny primordial seas parted before
the outstretched staff of angry
Aeolus, laid waste by the searing
blasts of his mighty lungs. Great
White Cretaceous messengers
of death; ancient denizens
of watery prehistoric killing
fields gasped at final breaths of life
inside an open-air cathedral
of sacrifice to times continuum
forsaken by eons passing. Limestone
spires strained at realms before
unseen. Canyons, no longer
submerged, transformed into cubicles
of molten sand. Sun-bleached
fossil remnants resurrected unto
the furnace of eternal damnation.
Surface finds bake beneath a Western
Kansas fiery orb of reverse torment.
Petrified, serrated, primeval fragments;
final tribute to power and torn flesh
rendered silent.