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Though Chicago has been my home since 2008, I didn't dip my toes into the poetry scene in that city until the 2011 Chicago 100,000 Poets for Change event, Bad Date America. Thank you Larry, Lina, Jen, and Laura for hosting. Thank you Michael Rothenberg for imagining such a poetry web. It was a perfect night to drench my phalanges in the world of Chicago poets. Marathon readings always delight me.

Love the multiplicity of voices sensibilities rhythms textures tones washing over me one after one after one and this night did not disappoint. What an abundance of terrifically tuned poets. My energy stoked splendidly higher knowing poets all over the world were performing similar on various turfs in various time zones. Some doing so in secret, against their government's will. 100,000 earth poets voices (except for that one alien reptilian dude) filling the night like 100,000 twinkling poly-vocal stars. Oh no. I've like --used a cliched simile like. Made me wish Chicago poets from various Chicago poetry scenes would hold similar get-togethers more often. A strong, poly-vocal polyrhythmic interactive poetry community is such a gorgeous dream. Talk about change.

Barbara Barg is a poet. Currently, she is drinking a Coca-Cola and feeling guilty she didn't make fresh vegetable juice.