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C. Derick has a Master of Fine Arts in Poetry at Georgia College and State University where he served as assistant editor for Arts and Letters: A Journal of Contemporary Arts.  He has served as managing editor for the now defunct Milkwood Review. He won the Frankeye Davis Mayes/Academy of American Poets Prize in 2003 and has recently published poems in Backwards City Review, Cartier Street Review, Deuce Coupe, Rusty Truck, JMWW Magazine, and Unlikely Stories 2.0 He currently lives Yongin-si, South Korea during the academic year and in Macon, Georgia during the summer season.

During the day he works as a full-time Instructor at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies’ English Translation and Interpretation Department and, at night, he writes and paints.


Pennies on the Dollar

In a night market in Taipei:
sky painted in neon, the
sweet stink of fermented
tofu sits upon the evening
as a woman burns joss
paper in a bucket, gold
leaf curling like the edges
of a life. My travel partner
smokes miniature cigars
as she strolls past the mangoes
and durian on fruit carts.  My
lover is in another country:
my brow is wet with sweat
and in the smoke trails
I know much of coveting,
missing what the warm
arms with I cannot get
there despite the exchange
rate, despite the bargaining
under the stars with tones
of Mandarin in place of music.