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Connie Post is the Poet Laureate Emerita of Livermore, California. She has been published in;, Calyx, Kalliope, Blue Fifth Review, Comstock Review, Dogwood, The Aurorean, Cold Mountain Review, Main Street Rag, Karamu, Psychic Meatloaf, Slipstream, The Toronto Quarterly and The Pedestal Magazine,. She was the 2009 winner of the Caesura Poetry Award and also won the Spring 2009 Cover Prize in the Dirty Napkin. Connie Post has been writing poetry since she was a teenager and also runs a popular reading series in the San Francisco Bay Area. She counts her poetry community as one of the most important in her journey.



You can lose body parts
crossing a city street

you can lose your hands
inside the outstretched arms
of a woman’s  cardboard sign
disappear inside another country

you can lose your feet
inside the tap dancer’s shoes,
the click, click, click on the pavement
a way to measure the world
as it falls away
in incremental eight counts

you can lose your skin to the wind
it finds the exact place where
your pores are most open

you can lose your organs
as they carefully fall outside of you
while you step into a cross walk

you can lose your brain as the pigeons
fly over you
as the taxi cab runs too close to the curb
and never understand why you were built
like this
barely sustainable
commanded to stay whole
while stepping over
your swollen self

as if all those pieces you’ve
picked up along the way
were never you