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Nikki Wallschlaeger lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is the author of one chapbook, Head Theatre (2007) which etched itself out of her palms unexpectedly. Her hands continue to talk, which is why she writes. Publications include Nervehouse, Esque, and The Smoking Poet. When she's not writing, she plays the djembe drum in a radical community marching band, The Milwaukee Molotov Marchers, with her partner and son as a form of symbiotic exercise.


Io's Children         (sonnet)

Her blood is all over the house now.
A poppy trail of stillborn ribbons on her

painted smelt steps to my dressing room
where she likes to be alone. I knew she

was young, but her body tried anyway.
The arrival of eight nipples should’ve

Tipped us off but we watched for a
public sign. In the early morning

out of the Coconut Ice  she lifted two
trumpet shaped cats. One w/placenta

ivy attached to her estuarine belly,
the other alone w/ early freesia spurs 

and a restored cerulean minnow eye,
admiring the bushels of baby’s breath.