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Elizabeth Nichols is a recent graduate of Roosevelt University with a B.A. in English Literature. She is an incorrigible punster (do not encorrige her) that candies her days with family, friends, and kittens. In the future, Elizabeth looks forward to fulfilling her dreams of librarianship. But, for now, she is content to be a daughter, sister, and verbose friend.

Photographed by Claire Ibarra


Ode for G

I'm a butterfly
On a glass flower.
The standard
On a clear tower.
I break a perfect
Circle to perfection.
In yore saved sailors
From infection,
But now serve
Servers in their

I make 'em fizz,
Snap and gasp.
Throw me in,
And they hiss,
Sourly sin,
Like an asp.
They are drink.
They are man.

In folds of tongue,
I wedge. I can
Make smiles
Orange, yellow,
Green. Such wiles.
Squeezed, twisted,
mashed so liquid,
To ambrosia I mix,
Nectaring necking
Suaves that chase
My slice in orange,
Yellow, green eyes.
A tangy kiss.

I am the lime,
Lying at your
Cocktail hour.
The beguiling lemon
To perversity sour.
The orange, amusing
Brown beer bottles.
Gild your cheers,
Make a wish—
I am Garnish.