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Lori Desrosiers has a new book of poems, The Philosopher's Daughter from Salmon Poetry. Her chapbook, Three Vanities, was published in 2009 by Pudding House. Her poems have appeared in New Millenium Review, Contemporary American VoicesBigCityLit, Concise Delights, Blue Fifth Review, Pirene's Fountain, The New Verse News, Common Ground Review, and many more, including a prompt in Wingbeats, a book of writing exercises from Dos Gatos Press. Her MFA in Poetry is from New England College. She is editor and publisher of Naugatuck River Review, a journal of narrative poetry.


She Wore Me Out

Summer city sidewalks hot and gritty,
her heels ticked, heads turned to see.
Were they looking at her wavy blond curls
or the swing of blue linen a-line skirt
waist cinched in suede belt with leather buckle? 
Her seamed stockings seduced
anyone who followed, but it was not her
they drew their eyes to. Long snout
bouncing on the breast of her white
tailored blouse, black eyes in permanent
stare, pelt so soft and orange in the light.
She’d take her long-fingered hand
and stroke the fur, as if it were still alive.