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Jacqueline Jules is a librarian, teacher, and award-winning poet and children's author. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including Inkwell, The Main Street Rag, Imitation Fruit, Christian Science Monitor, and The Potomac. To learn more, visit


Extracting Memory, Harry Potter Style

With a tap of his wand,
the old wizard 
twirled a silver memory
out of his head 
and into a bottle,
handing it to Harry
with a trembling hand.

While others zoom on broomsticks
after the Golden Snitch,
I imagine the power
to pull memories from my head
as deftly as I pluck my eyebrows each morning. 
Some I would discard
like dirty cartons from Chinese take-out.
Others I would bottle and arrange in the pantry―
a variety of flavors to refresh on thirsty days.
So whenever I choose
I can watch myself at ten, 
leaping on the lawn,
cupping fireflies in a summer twilight,
or fast forward to age twenty,
unzipping my jeans
for someone who made my bottom glow.