The Poetry of Garden Fountains

Water fountains have been utilized for centuries, offering drinking water and existing as visually pleasing pieces of art. The earliest recognized water fountain was a sculpted stone basin that held valuable drinking and spiritual, ritualistic water. Home recreationfountain photographThese ancient water fountains were mainly practical, typically positioned along aqueducts, streams, and rivers to provide drinking water. The ancient Romans started utilizing ornamental water fountains in 6 BC, the majority of which were bronze or stone masks of animals and regional and mythological heroes.

Fountains in the Middle Ages

Throughout the Middle Ages, water fountains fell out of favor but were still revered in art and literature, abbeys, and palace gardens. Water fountains started to once again appear in the middle ages, though they stayed mainly in separated locations such as abbeys, gardens, and on palace premises. A number of the well-known water fountains in Europe today were constructed throughout the Renaissance, some of the most famous being the collection at d'Este in Tivoli in Italy. fountain artworkWater fountains in the Renaissance gardens were created to spray park visitors, provide relaxation and play music. By the 1900s, water fountains were simply for ornamental purposes with developments in innovation, water fountains today can be integrated with music and colored lights. Water fountains are no longer the primary source of drinking water, however, the numerous sizes, designs, and innovations still make them excellent estate ornaments.

Pirene's Fountain

Submissions for the "Culinary Poems & Water Fountains" issue is closed. We are looking for poems about cuisine/culinary arts, statues, birdbaths, water fountains, gardens, poems that are more than simple descriptions, poems that contain linked ideas, that are layered and contain some element of surprise or epiphany. Language, metaphor, the usual poetry suspects, but with some punch.

Submissions: Pirene’s Fountain is published as a print journal every November.

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General Guidelines

Poems with fountain lyricism and imagery, interesting language & emotional resonance.

3—8 previously unpublished poems with a brief bio.

Poems pasted in body of email unless special formatting requires a word attachment.

Reading Period: May 1st–June 1st.

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Timely withdrawal notices appreciated if submitting simultaneously.

We request First North American Serial & archival rights, and the right to include work in future anthologies. All rights revert back to author after publication.

We nominate for various Prizes.

Payment is a contributor copy of the journal.