Let's Look Into Spring Lake Park, Minnesota

The work force participation rate in Spring Lake Park is 67.3%, with an unemployment rate of 4.3%. For many when you look at the labor force, the common commute time is 25.5 minutes. 5.6% of Spring Lake Park’s populace have a masters diploma, and 15.2% have earned a bachelors degree. Among those without a college degree, 42.5% have at least some college, 30.2% have a high school diploma, and just 6.5% have an education less than high school. 5.3% are not covered by medical insurance.

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The typical household size in Spring Lake Park, MNThe typical household size in Spring Lake Park, MN is 2.94 residential members, with 74.5% owning their very own houses. The mean home cost is $189183. For people paying rent, they pay out an average of $1061 monthly. 54.8% of families have 2 incomes, and the average domestic income of $62477. Average individual income is $34504. 10.2% of residents exist at or beneath the poverty line, and 14.5% are handicapped. 11.6% of residents are former members of this military.